I am a strategic private equity investor, with a background in finance and accounting, located in the Houston area who has provided substantial financial support to Alt Right organizations since 2004.  My family and I are also traditional Christians and faith, in my view, is a powerful philosophical adjunct to the Alt Right political orientation, the essence of which is peaceful, enlightened European pan-nationalism.  I believe every group of people, in accordance with the will of the Creator, should enjoy hegemony in their own homelands.

This collection of writings is here for multiple purposes.  Primarily, I am writing for my own children, to record an apologetic for the harmony of nationalism and their faith.  Secondarily, I write for the benefit of my fellow Alt Right comrades, some of whom may misunderstand Christianity – and given the leftist propaganda masquerading as Christianity these days, not a misunderstanding without reason.

I choose to write under a slightly altered pen name to preserve my family’s social relationaships from SJW attack.  The foundation of our wealth consists of mineral investments insulated from ideological attack but I’d rather maintain privacy.  The beautiful thing about mineral wealth is that neither oil wells, nor those who buy my oil, give a damn about names I might be called by the Cultural Marxists.