A reader writes in reporting a crisis of faith arising from attendance at a cucked church, and anger at God for allowing such a state of affairs to exist. The reader asks if there are any books he can read, or Bible studies from a non-cucked perspective.

I’ll answer that last question first. First, there are hundreds of theological books published before the modern era, from Augustine to Aquinas to Luther to Warfield, depending on your denominational preferences.  These books will of course focus on the particular theological era from which they came, and rarely address the problems we face today, as the Christendom of the time was more besot by internal disputes than existential doubts in their right to exist. Many of us on the Alt Right have been encouraged by the works of Robert Lewis Dabney, a southern Presbyterian theologian who was almost prophetic in his ability to see the consequences of the embryonic human equality poz of his day.  In the contemporary Alt Right, there was a recent Bible study book published by Adam Grey (of Good Morning White America) and others.  Though I have reservations about some of his theological convictions and interpretations of history, RJ Rushdoony’s The Politics of Guilt and Pity is another excellent, relatively recent exposition relevant to our problems today.

As far as the inquiry about what to do about the cucked nature of today’s church, it is hard for me to give advice without knowing more about the reader’s situation. Nearly all churches are cucked to some degree, but the question is whether the church is passively cucked by good pastors accepting conventional wisdom or whether it is actively cucked by an ambitious SJW-like pastor looking to make a name for himself.  If the latter, I would encourage the reader to find the most conservative church he can otherwise compatible with his theological convictions. You can sometimes, depending on the area, find a church narrowly focused on the business of preaching the essential gospel and enabling people to fight their sinful natures.  These churches are often led by good pastors who incidentally and occasionally insert cucked content due to the influence of “thought leaders” who publish the books and bible studies.

It is helpful to understand the high degree of deception these cucked thought leaders employ to gain their influence. To use Russell Moore as an example, people forget that Moore, along with his friend Al Mohler, made their reputations as ruthless conservatives who purged the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary of its progressive and liberal faculty, a long overdue move that was delayed due to the genteel mores of the older generation. After this victory, Moore and Mohler then pivot to a theologically orthodox synthesis of SJW ideology. Moore and Mohler are smart guys, and we do not know if their cuckery was always part of the plan or simply a result of their desire for respectability. It is very, very hard for a person who achieves notoriety as a conservative firebrand to not crack eventually under media pressure. With the average Southern Baptist pastor having an IQ of perhaps 105, can we really blame them for being a bit confused? Their conservative intellectual heroes, who purged their intellectual liberal enemies from the church’s institutions, are now advocating for the same liberalism, but this time baptized in theological orthodoxy. It is probably no accident that the leading Baptist critics from the political right are associated with the Louisiana Baptist Convention. Thanks to the influence of the anti-Calvinist New Orleans Theological Seminary, which was never infected with significant liberalism, the Louisiana Baptists were always suspicious of Moore and Mohler’s intellectual Calvinism, even if theologically conservative. In other words, because they disliked Moore and Mohler from the outset, they are better able to oppose them today, and are using Moore’s hostility towards Trump as a cudgel to reduce his influence in the SBC.  It is very, very hard for normal people of normal intelligence to change allegiances, which is what makes the cucks so dangerous when they pivot.

Part of sanity for any Alt Right adherent is to accept that people are largely irrational, and to love them anyway despite their limitations. Given how many of us have moved from libertarian to ethnonationalist convictions, accepting the fundamental irrationality of man may be the last libertarian delusion we must shed to make peace with the world as it is. I still catch myself sometimes fantasizing about reasoning with people about my positions. I recommend cultivating a sense of empathy and compassion for other people’s blindness – and by this I mean everyday normies, not spiteful SJW true believers. Normies, to the best of their ability, are still well-meaning human beings, and the basic values we have with them are shared. They are deceived, unwitting pawns of the enemy, and by God’s grace we have been allowed to grasp the truth through His provision of a strong and independent mind. As Alt Righters who understand that many mental traits are hereditary, we of all people should most appreciate that our abilities to see the truth are based on the genetic lottery, or common grace, not uncommon virtue. We represent an emergent elite opposed to the elite in power. This struggle among elites will determine the future – the normies will follow after we achieve victory.

If you cannot find a truly conservative church, at least avoid the churches with actively hostile SJW ideologues. A great litmus test is to assess the pastor’s opinion about Donald Trump – if generally supportive, you are dealing with someone who will at least follow along with the nationalist arc of today’s Western politics instead of seeking to undermine our people’s liberation from their politically correct mind prisons. Any pastor who remains anti-Trump after Gorsuch is a hostile ideological cuck and his church should be avoided.

Finally, I would encourage you to hold steadfast to your faith. After becoming red-pilled about 20 years ago, I faced a crisis with my own faith, and basic apologetic works were very helpful: I recommend Mere Christianity, The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith, and Cold Case Christianity for relatively easily digestible summaries of today’s best apologetics for the faith. Once we realize the betrayal the institutional church has effected against its own people, it is easy for irrational doubts about the faith itself to creep in. When I say irrational, I am saying they are emotionally driven based on the sense of betrayal. Logically, the happenstance that we live in a period where the church is in serious error (which has happened before in Christian history) is completely independent of the basic truth claims of the faith. If we reaffirm the basics of our faith, we can go from a position of wanting to abandon it to a position of valuing and advocating for it within the flawed and cucked structures of the church. We can be agents of change from within instead of alienated from without.

2 thoughts on “Reader Mailbag: Losing My Faith

  1. Thanks for linking to the GMWA Bible study. Although GMWA is no longer around, we are still planning on releasing volume 2 of the study soon.

    Also, I think the most important thing for remaining strong in the faith is fellowship. Although we are far from having local congregations, we have been meeting every week using Google Hangouts for the last several months, and the reader you are responding to and anyone else is welcome:


    1. Awesome, thanks for the update, glad you guys are still around. I am able to compartmentalize my racial views more than many, so I am content with fellowship in my local normie church, but I think that makes me weird and something like what you’re doing is very helpful. My feeling may change as SJWism becomes less avoidable in local churches.


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