First, there is nothing like winning – victory is sweet indeed.  Part of the problem of cucked Christianity is it deprives men of their natural drive to fight, and of the indescribable thrill of “battle joy” when we win over our enemies.  It almost brings me to tears of joy to think of the great men who have kept the “pilot light” of nationalism alive in the last two decades – Sam Francis, Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, Richard Spencer, Louis Andrews, and many others.  They held the line when it was not popular to do so, and they are now vindicated.

Below I propose four major policy actions that should be taken immediately by a Trump administration.

Use the Printing Press & the Imperial Presidency to Consolidate Gains – This is no time to cuck out and go back to being the Washington Generals.  There is no next time for a Republican administration, and it is time to clean house, using the full power of the Presidency to crush our enemies and reward our friends.  If people associated with the SPLC and Clinton Foundation are not in prison within 18 months, we’ve blown the opportunity.  We know the crimes are there.  It’s time to find them.  Alt Right / Trump-Friendly businesses ought to be first in line for federal contracts.  Make the revolution permanent.  If we decimate the Establishment power structure, fully exposing the extent of their crimes to the American people, and we provide a funding and institutional base for our own replacement for the Establishment, we can probably buy 2-3% of the vote, postponing the demographic rot another cycle.

National Voter Security – The Trump coalition is very fragile.  Despite what the Electoral College shows, we won this thing by the skin of our teeth.  It appears Hillary will win the popular vote.  We can thank the Founding Fathers for the Electoral College, an anti-democratic system that gives disproportionate influence to rural whites in less populous states, and firewalls the rot in places like California.  Nevertheless, we will lose if current demographic trends continue, and so our first action must be to take 3-4% of the vote off the table for the Democrats by implementing robust voter security procedures.  In short, President Trump must appoint a commission to study vote security, with an outcome of recommendations for national standards for secure, verified voting.  These standards should be passed by Congress and tied to federal funds and other sticks and carrots (maybe states that elect to not adopt the standards should lose sovereign immunity).  States either adopt or go bankrupt, no choice.  Trump might consider nationalizing the administration of elections as well (perhaps with an “E-Verify” type system), if he has the political capital – this is riskier if a Democratic administration gets power, but it’s already obvious that if another Democrat gets elected, Republicans are completely screwed anyway.  They will simply amnesty enough people by fiat to make sure Republicans never win again.

Immigration Reform – Beyond the obvious step of implementing the Trump agenda as stated in the campaign, Trump must also work to increase immigration from Republican friendly groups.  While the Overton window is not quite ready for a race-based immigration policy, I believe Trump’s idea of an ideological-driven immigration test may be more powerful.  Because honestly, if we import a bunch of liberals who vote Democratic, even if they’re white they’ll do more long-term damage.  The Trump administration can use the “vetting” process to select for and prefer white immigrants likely to support the Republican coalition.  Afrikaners, for example, should immediately be given refugee status and settled in rural areas, where they will assimilate to local values.  Eastern Europeans should be given priority as well – they are conservative and we know Donald likes them already.  Crazy fantasy idea: Long-term, Russia and the US merge into a superstate, “one country, two systems” like China and Hong Kong, with Russians given electoral votes.

National Immigration Commission – As good as victory feels, the Alt Right knows that we can’t win permanently by simply running out the clock.  It will be necessary to strip some people of citizenship, or else severely restrict voting, to save the country.  To broaden the Overton window, a national commission, staffed appropriately, must study and document the massive fraud undertaken by Democrats over the last 40 years to illegally qualify people for citizenship.  Then we must reverse the fraud, in some way we can sell to the public.  It’s hard to know what our coalition will allow, how social mood will continue to develop.  My best idea here would be to form some sort of modified quasi-citizenship for these people, and restrict their votes to certain semi-independent city states.  Perhaps Miami and Los Angeles become semi-sovereign commonwealths like Puerto Rico.  This is the hard part, and the Alt Right ought to be thinking hard about this.

This is the big question: how do we undo the mess?  What specific policy proposals can we sell to the public to actually reverse our demographic decline?

Trump buys us time, but the situation remains dire under what appear to be the current constraints of policy.  We must not rest, but diligently continue to push the Overton window to the right, and not let Trump get distracted from delivering what he promised and a whole lot more.

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