An Alt Right Defense of Theism, Part Five: Practical Steps

As mentioned previously, I think it a common error among infrequent or non-church-attenders to consider themselves disqualified from being a part of a community of faith because of their difficulty in believing all of the claims of Christianity.  The extreme individualism of Americans has infected our church experience.  Church is not primarily about individual reason and beliefs, but rather experiential and communal.  We do not have to reason ourselves into faith, we merely have to get reason out of the way, to consider the possibility of religious truth, and then allow our experiences and intuitions to shape our faith over time.

The Alt Right vision of enlightened nationalism is a universal moral position.  We do not need to go beyond good and evil, for our ordinary categories of good and evil are sufficient to defend our position and ensure our survival.  We declare that each people has a right to a homeland without interference from others.  We declare the objective evil of aggressive war in interfering with those boundaries and killing off the best of our young men too often in service of private gains for a privileged group of elites.  So many of us are like hipsters, ironically detached from the positions we hold, afraid to truly take our own side in the argument.  Moral universalism is an extremely powerful motivator for humans, particularly whites, and our ideas are just, right universal moral principles.  We need not be afraid that embracing an objective morality will ensure our doom.  To the contrary, the bravest and best motivations for the preservation of anything, particularly the beauty and glory of Western Civilization, contain within them the idea that something is inherently, objectively, universally good.  Few men are willing to die, or even live, for arbitrary configurations of matter.  We feel in our souls that we are more than matter, that the world of immaterial forms is the prime reality and that goodness, truth and beauty are more real than the material forms that represent them.  Christian religious faith is a particularization of trusting these intuitions over the pessimism of materialism.

Christianity also focuses on the concept of sin.  Sin is the commission of an act at odds with natural law, and Christian theologians universally testify that sin is always against our broad self-interest at the group level.  Lying and cheating in business dealings, for example, may benefit one in the short-term, but writ large results in the backwards, crushing poverty we observe in low trust societies.  Materialism has no explanation for the human tendency for self-destruction, the “death drive” as it is called, something we do not observe in animals.  Whether beautiful white women marring their angelic skin with morbid tattoos, or the situation in Germany, where many whites welcome third world rapists with open arms, self-destruction is a powerful force in humanity’s behavior.  The theology of sin explains this, in that it posits a flaw in our wills that needs divine correction.  Perhaps this is true for you, but I certainly have areas in my life where I do things that are entirely self-destructive for no good reason.  My faith practice has helped me reduce these areas over time, but the process will be lifelong.  At my best, I am motivated not by guilt, but by the realization that I need help and grace infused into my soul to overcome my own worst tendencies.  The sanctifying work of Christianity is properly directed towards personal areas of failure, and perverted when used to stoke societal guilt.  The theologian R. J. Rushdoony elucidated this perfectly in his masterpiece, The Politics of Guilt and Pity:

The reality of man apart from Christ is guilt and masochism. And guilt and masochism involve the unshakeable inner slavery which governs the total life of the non-Christian. The politics of the anti-Christian will thus inescapably be the politics of guilt. In the politics of guilt, man is perpetually drained of his social energy and cultural activity by his over-riding sense of guilt and his masochistic activity. He will progressively demand of the state a redemptive role. What he cannot do personally, i.e., to save himself, he demands that the state do for him, so that the state, as man enlarged, becomes the human savior of man. The politics of guilt, therefore, is not directed, as the Christian politics of liberty, to the creation of godly justice and order, but to the creation of a redeeming order, a saving state. Guilt must be projected, therefore, on all those who oppose this new order and new age.

Finally, I will bring up perhaps the most practical consideration, which is the challenge of reproduction outside of religious faith.  Child-rearing, I can attest, is a form voluntary slavery.  I have never observed, and I challenge anyone to disprove me, above-replacement fertility in a non-religious population.  Having 3+ small children is very difficult – sleep deprivation, lack of ability to focus, negative effects on the body, etc.  Without the certainty that one’s life and reproduction has objective meaning, it is very difficult to bear the burden of above-replacement fertility.  It’s much more comfortable to blackpill and remain childless, which is unfortunately one of the dominant messages emanating from the “red pill” men’s rights oriented part of the Alt Right.  Without an objective good to one’s sacrifice, the ready offer of comfort is compelling, if we are but undirected arrangements of matter with no ultimate meaning.  The red-pill black-pill is both correct and incorrect at the same time.

It is practically correct in the sense that the risk of divorce theft is very real.  I also think it is correct to say, as Tucker Max did, reflecting on his past degeneracy, that the pickup scene consists of men with mommy issues interacting with women with daddy issues.  We live in a culture where a striking percentage of the adults now are children of divorce, so it is not surprising that being an aloof jerk would be attractive to many women.  Many of the “game” concepts are valid beyond that, particularly the analysis of what men vs. women find attractive, and the important of sexual polarity.  The blackpill part is the insistence that all marriages are best avoided.  There is even an acronym to mock those who point out exceptions – NAXALT (“Not All X Are Like That”).  It is true that NAXALT is not a valid counterargument to broad statistical truths, whether talking about the need for society-wide divorce/alimony reform or the case for restricting non-white immigration.  However, to mock the idea that one can find exceptions and solutions in the midst of otherwise bad situations is suicidal.  The same black-pillers advocate economic independence, despite the fact that small businesses are more likely to fail than marriages.  The irrationality is akin to a person owning a gold mine who complains that the ore is 99% base metals – the 1% gold is the point, not the overall distribution.

Statistically, there are many factors that can reduce the odds of divorce to a reasonable level.  In our degenerate society today, the only attractive women who are constraining their sexuality are those with a moral pre-commitment, and those women are largely found in the churches.  I observe it all the time: beta men marrying attractive women and producing beautiful families.  It still happens, contrary to the blackpill pessimists, and it happens in communities of faith.  The women in these communities outnumber the men, and the men who are there are very beta.  An Alt Right man showing masculine confidence in such a community would have his pick of Christian women.  Many of the men in charge of these institutions are so weak, as evidenced by their constant public cucking, that taking over the leadership of the churches would be fairly easy in many cases.

This is not to say that one should go around faking belief for the social benefits.  If there is an overarching theme to this series, it is that churches are as much about and for people who desire faith, and to deepen their faith, as they are about those who are firm in it.  The church is a community, a body of those following that intuition of objective truth, goodness, and beauty, and believing as much as they can while accepting the grace offered for remaining unbelief.  All Christian flavors of theology make allowances for doubt, and you will not be isolated or castigated in a church because you struggle.  We all struggle, we all seek, we all wish these mysteries could be made more clear.  God knows the mind he gave you, and the skeptical mind, the independent thinker, that which characterizes the Alt Right, is not excluded from the community of faith.  We are to believe, and obey, and fulfill the good, beautiful and true as best we are able.  In an age of lies, it is no coincidence those who are least able to delude themselves would be at the forefront of defending all of those things for which the Christian faith provides objective value.

Faith provides hope in the darkest of struggles, and there is a reason despair is considered among the worst Christian sins.  Throughout history, it appears as if some thumb has been on the scale, saving our people at the last moment.  If we can achieve faith that the arc of history has direction, that the things we defend are real and not perhaps, in our despairing moments, an evolutionary cul-de-sac destined to be ground to powder by a pitiless Darwinian mill, then the temptation to despair will be overcome.  Bertrand Russell honestly captured the unyielding despair of atheism when he said,

That Man is the product of causes which had no prevision of the end they were achieving; that his origin, his growth, his hopes and fears, his loves and his beliefs, are but the outcome of accidental collocations of atoms; that no fire, no heroism, no intensity of thought and feeling, can preserve an individual life beyond the grave; that all the labours of the ages, all the devotion, all the inspiration, all the noonday brightness of human genius, are destined to extinction in the vast death of the solar system, and that the whole temple of Man’s achievement must inevitably be buried beneath the debris of a universe in ruins—all these things, if not quite beyond dispute, are yet so nearly certain, that no philosophy which rejects them can hope to stand. Only within the scaffolding of these truths, only on the firm foundation of unyielding despair can the soul’s habitation be safely built.

Though he struggles to end on a note of optimism, the fruits of atheism are well-known.  Cut off from meaning and salvation, as a group they seek it on earth, voting for the enemies of our civilization.  Fertility rates are the lowest of any identifiable religious view.  Two centuries of atheist thought have yet to build a scaffold sufficient for the atheist to overcome his unyielding despair.  For the act of having children, particularly many children, is an act of optimism towards the future, and optimism is irrational to the atheist worldview.

As an Alt Righter, you struggle for things of objective value.  You are torn, I believe, by a perception of Christianity that causes you to believe it weakness, that morality must somehow constrain our ability to survive.  You are among the few who can face despair and struggle on in spite of it, for the good of our people.  Faith is not weakness, but strength to carry on no matter the odds, of hope that the struggle is never lost.    I hope you will consider struggling for faith, and perhaps as you behold your own children, your flesh and blood, you will be confirmed in your intuition that there are things of infinite and eternal value, that this material world is but a shadow of things beyond.  The flower of Western Civilization points to it, another world of forms and perfection, hidden in plain sight.

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