What Is the Alt Right?

As a long-term supporter of Alt Right organizations, I believe the recent competitive efforts to define the Alt Right are evidence that its influence has finally broken into the mainstream.  We cannot dismiss the possibility that opportunists are seeking to steer the movement for their own purposes.  Those of us who are its most credible supporters, those who supported the antecedents for this breakout movement, must seek to define boundaries to separate the legitimate latecomers (who we welcome into the fold) from those seeking to subvert it.

The essence of the Alt Right is a combination of enlightened nationalism and edgy, transgressive rhetoric.  Enlightened nationalism is a rejection of globalism that defends the right of each people to control their own destiny, with hegemonic control of their homelands, politically, culturally and demographically.  Unlike neo-Nazis, the Alt Right is not obsessed with matters of racial purity, but rather seeks a pan-European, nationalist alliance of the various Western peoples to both protect their unique expressions of culture and their common civilization against external threats.  Perhaps most importantly, the Alt Right, unlike the petty nationalisms of the past, seeks a multi-century Pax Europa.

We have learned through hard experience that European man has certain weaknesses.  The very beauty of European culture, its seeking of true universal values, makes it vulnerable to those who would, on the pretense of intellectual good faith, introduce false values to undermine our people.  European man also has historically had a tendency for bitter, bloody wars among brothers – a trait shared by most of humanity, but made especially potent because of European man’s mastery of technology.    Many European wars, and some of the bloodiest, were fought over competing systems of universal values, whether Protestantism vs. Catholicism, or the crusades for mass democracy in the world wars of the 20th century.

European civilization, therefore, is akin to a highly elaborate, formal garden.  Its beauty is striking but fragile, and the political objectives of the Alt Right and European New Right are designed to protect its beauty and maintain order from threats both external and internal.  The Alt Right then has a threefold program: to preserve European peoples through demographic hegemony, to purge the false values introduced by our enemies that have created a degenerate culture, and seek peace and co-prosperity among the kindred nations of our people.

This political program pre-dates the cultural phenomenon of the Alt Right.  The Alt Right is supportive of this political program, but its true strength is the adoption of new approach to influencing the broader culture.  In the pre-Alt-Right days of the white nationalist movement, there was an ongoing debate between the vanguardists and the mainstreamers.  The vanguardists tended to be more working class, neo-Nazi or Klan types who not only took more extreme positions, but insisted that those positions be exposited in their most unfiltered form.  The mainstreamers, perhaps best epitomized by Jared Taylor, took an opposite approach, relying on winsome rhetoric and an appeal to scientific authorities and reasonableness rather than extreme language.

The weakness of the vanguardist approach was one of style and an overarching seriousness that appears to many a modern mind as evidence of mental illness (an instinct not completely at odds with reality with many of them).  The working class style of the vanguardists was also read as indicating low social status, rendering the message ineffective.  The mainstreamers also had their weaknesses, in that by seeking to be reasonable within limits of dissent, they ceded moral authority to the Left, and the very reasonableness, scientific coldness and gentility of the message came across as stodgy and boring.

The genius of the Alt Right is a sort of synergy between the vanguardist and mainstreamer approaches.  By adopting some vanguardist language semi-ironically and more importantly, comically, in clever ways that mock the Establishment, the Alt Right both desensitizes the mainstream to the typical Leftist angles of attack (anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews and the like) and avoids the overly serious, “try hard” tone of the vanguardists.  As a mostly young, intelligent and white collar movement, its adherents can effortlessly shift gears from the ironic vanguardist, comedic voice to discussing our issues with all of the logical force of the best of the mainstreamers.  It is an analog to the New Left of the 1960’s, whose transgressive humor and cultural influence mainstreamed stodgy Marxist doctrines into the very fabric of our society.

Like the New Left, the Alt Right is future-oriented, abandoning the Boomer nostalgic obsession with turning the clock back to the 1950’s.  We have no memory of that world nor any attachment to it.  To use Richard Spencer’s phrasing, we indulge in a “nostalgia for the future,” and his 1980’s-inspired logo for the Alt Right is a testament to that, the only memory many of us have of an America with white hegemony and looking to a future technological golden era.  We cannot dismiss the Trump phenomenon either, as gasoline on the fire.  Winning begets winning, and the energy of the Alt Right movement has most definitely benefitted from the Trump victories.  Whether he is elected or not, he routed the cucks and traitors in the Republican Party, and we now have a home for our political ideas and influence in one of the two major parties.

The major debate at the moment about the Alt Right is whether its rhetoric is actually ironic (the position promoted, at least publicly, by Milo Yiannopoulos) or is actually deadly serious.  The answer in my view is subtle.  The Alt Right is not “literally Hitler” in any meaningful way.  People seem to forget what Hitler actually advocated.  His objectives were the acquisition of lebensraum for the German people, to be taken from fellow Europeans, the Slavs, who he considered to be almost subhuman.  The Alt Right, if anything, is the most pro-Slavic force in the Western European world today.  We admire Putin, we think it’s great that Trump has a Slavic wife and we respect the non-pozzed nature of the Slavic world.  Given that the Slavs are the only human beings today that can launch men into space, it is clear that Hitler was not only objectively wrong but that “literally Hitler” is the opposite of what the Alt Right actually believes.

Don’t get us wrong, popular ideas of Hitler, who plays the role of Satan in the secular cult of equality, are great agitprops for tearing down the moral authority of the Left and shocking the neo-puritan cat ladies.  But anyone who actually supported Hitlerian policies of stealing land from one European people for another would be an outcast from the actual Alt Right, whose primary goal is the peaceful co-existence of the various European peoples under a united alliance against the threats of the non-Western world.

Spencer, perhaps the most extreme public figure of the Alt Right, cites the peaceful population transfers between Greece and Turkey after World War I as a model for how the ethnostate could come about without massive carnage.  In terms of foreign policy, probably the area where Trump’s stated policies are most congruent with ours, the Alt Right is easily the most pacific of all mainstream views in America today.  If the Alt Right were in charge, Dubya’s wars for democracy would have been avoided, and millions of brown people would be alive and better off today.  In terms of domestic policy, the policies of the Alt Right would be beneficial to our own domestic minorities, who, along with working class whites, hurt most from globalist wage deflation efforts and the dysgenic influence of government largesse and a toxic, degenerate culture.

The Alt Right, then, is best described as semi-ironic.  The memes are designed, sometimes, to shock, and we understand the necessity to rhetorically burn down the moral authority of the Left, including their efforts at enforcing taboos that control our people.  But we really are serious in that we want to preserve our people and civilization.  What we offer, at the moment, is a detente with our enemies if they will accept it and allow the preservation of our people by peaceful means.  Many of us are motivated by a desire to avoid violence, to take political, peaceful actions now to avoid risky violent scenarios that will inevitably come as European homelands darken.

The histrionics of the Left towards the Alt Right is not because we are Hitler, but because for the first time they have a legitimate opposition not intimidated by their name-calling, moral condemnation and threats of violence.  We are, like Trump, deal-makers, willing to take extreme positions at the bargaining table for negotiating leverage, but genuinely wanting to make a deal that preserves our people and avoids a Mad Max dystopian future.  Unlike the cuckservatives, we will walk from the negotiating table if a deal cannot be made, for while our desire is peace, our commitment is survival.


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